Bucatini The Original Pasta of Rome

Bucatini, The Typical Pasta Of The City Of Rome

The bucatini are a type of long pasta similar to big pierced spaghetti, typical of the city of Rome that combines them with strong and simple condiments (Gricia, Amatriciana, Carbonara). It is a pasta made from durum wheat semolina. Cooking time is more or less the same as spaghetti because, even if they are bigger,

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5 curiosities about pasta

5 Interesting Curiosities About Pasta

It is one of the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and it’s consume in Italy is over 1 million and 600 thousand tons a year. Pasta, loved and known throughout the world as a symbol of Italian culinary tradition, has a very ancient history, full of nice anecdotes. Here are 5 of the most

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Spaghetti Pasta Italiana

11 Best Italian Pasta Dishes for Sunday Lunch

We present here the best Italian Pasta dishes for Sunday Lunch. From North to South, the most famous dishes that every family in Italy prepares for the family. Most recipes have different versions, that vary from Region to Region or even from family to family. This is due to the fact that in Italy the

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Baked Pasta With Eggplants

Baked Pasta With Eggplants

Baked Pasta with Eggplant and Mozzarella is a classic first course of the Italian Cuisine, that is prepared on Sunday or on holidays, especially in summer to take to the beach or for a picnic picnic . With many fried eggplants, stringy mozzarella and tomato sauce is a vegetarian recipe, which never tires. Follow our authentic

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Pasta with Sicilian Pesto Recipe

Pasta with Sicilian Pesto

The Pasta with Sicilian Pesto is a quick and very tasty first course, a “red” variant of the more classic Genoese Pesto. It’s made with tomatoes, ricotta, pine nuts and basil to create an irresistible cream! Like all regional recipes, however, this one also boasts numerous adaptations, that is, small variations in the basic ingredients that

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Pasta alla Norcina Recipe

Pasta Alla Norcina

Pasta alla Norcina is a traditional dish of Umbrian cuisine. It takes its name from the town of Norcia, famous throughout the world for the production of sausages. It is a rich and substantial first course, easy and very fast, particularly suitable for Autumn and Winter which is prepared with pork sausage (the Norcia sausage

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Authentic Pasta and Beans Recipe

Pasta and Beans

The recipe of Pasta and Beans (Pasta e Fagioli) is a classic of Italian cuisine, a first course with an unmistakable flavor that has its roots in rural tradition. A poor and cheap dish, therefore, but always extremely tasty and genuine. A timeless Italian-style comfort food that warms the heart and brings everyone together thanks to

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Spaghetti Pasta Frittata

Pasta Frittata

The Frittata di Spaghetti or Frittata di Maccheroni (“a frittata ‘e maccarune” in Neapolitan language), more commonly known as the Pasta Frittata (Frittata di Pasta), is a typical dish of Neapolitan cuisine. A poor and simple dish (like Spaghetti allo Scarpariello), but with unparalleled delicacy, based on pasta, eggs, cheese and pepper, which was born in

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Pasta 'Ncasciata Recipe

Pasta ‘Ncasciata

Pasta ‘Ncasciata or Pasta Incaciata is a Sicilian baked pasta. What we offer, from Messina, is one of the many versions of this unique dish that, with more or less sensitive differences between the ingredients, is widespread throughout the island. Generally can use short pasta shapes, such as maccheroni or penne. The important thing is

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