Sardinian Panadas recipe

Sardinian Panadas

Sardinian Panadas (Panadas means breaded) are savory dumplings, stuffed with various types of meat, fish, cheese and vegetable-based dressing. It’s a characteristic dish of Sardinia Island, of ancient origin, even Nuragic.  “Impanare” or wrap the food in bread dough and cook it twice. It was a loophole that began to spread throughout Italy between the

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Sardinian Culurgiones

History And Variants Of Sardinian Culurgiones

Culurgiones are a format of stuffed pasta typical of Sardinia. They are agnolotti characterized by a particular closure which seems almost an embroidery. The basic and traditional version has a filling made of potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint, but there are many versions. They are so deep-rooted at a local level, that they received the

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Sardinian Seadas

Seadas, The Sardinian Sweet Pastries

Sardinia recalls unspoiled and wild beaches, crystal clear water and heavenly atmosphere. But good gastronomic connoisseurs also know that the cuisine is one of the best in the world. A cuisine made of traditions, of specialties that are produced only here, just like the seadas. It is a sweet made of honey and cheese, omnipresent

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Fregola Pasta With Clams

Traditional Sardinian Dishes: 5 Recipes To Try

Sardinian gastronomic tradition is the result of the contamination of the cultures that overlook the Mediterranean. If in the northern part of the island we find many dishes similar to those of Liguria, in the western part we notice the Spanish influence. Everything is personalized according to the local raw materials and to the local

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Tuscan Gnudi

It is between Siena and Grosseto that this rich Tuscan dish was born. A curious name that derives from the local dialect and that means naked; this is because it is essentially the filling of ravioli, deprived of the external part of the pasta. They are also called malfatti, because of their imprecise shape, both

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