Sausage And Friarielli From Naples

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Sausage and Friarielli (Salsiccia e Friarielli) is a very popular recipe in Italy, especially in the south. It is also one of the most popular dishes in the Neapolitan culture. Even in Puglia the recipe is famous, but there the people calls it sausage and broccoli.

Sausage and Friarielli are in the top ten of the best combinations of ingredients in the Italian cuisine. The recipe is opulent and tasty. The dish is traditional and comes from the poor neapolitan cuisine. As other traditional recipes, such as meatballs in tomato sauce or Polpo “alla Luciana”, Sausage and Friarielli is an ancient recipe. It handed down from generation to generation. To cook friarielli in the past the women of Naples used lard or “sugna”. Today they used extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of fresh chili.

Friarielli grew spontaneously and wild in Campania, for that reason they are has always a dish of the poor people. Friarielli is the dialect name for “cime di rapa“. The name friarielli maybe come from the spanish  “frio-grelos” or according to other opinions, the name comes from the Neapolitan “frijere” that means to fry.

Friarielli are very popular vegetables in Naples. They grow on the hills of Naples, in the Vomero and Posillipo areas. Has always these areas were fool of vegetable gardens, especially  the area of Vomero. For that reason in Naples the Vomero hill is also called “O colle de’ friarielle”. Today the crops of friarielli are in other areas of the Campania region such as in Avellino and Benevento city.

Friarielli are winter vegetable so the best moment of the year to eat them is during the winter season. At that time they are very good. The best way to eat them is also with the neapolitan sausage. This kind of sausage had to be strictly by pork and it is different from other sausage. The neapolitan sausage is flavoured and particularly large. It is tasty and has wild fennel into it. Moreover, to make the perfect Friarielli and Sausages recipe you had not boil the vegetables but cook them directly in a pot. So all the vitamins of the vegetables remain.


Nutrients in a portion (335g)


Step by step method

  • step 1

    Trim the vegetables, remove the yellow leaves. Remove the stems too thick. Wash them.

  • step 2

    Take a pan and put olive oil with garlic and pepper, heat and add the friarielli still wet. Let them cook with the lid on. When the vegetable are tender put some salt and stir until they’re soft enough. Turn off the heat and set a side in a bowl.

  • step 3

    Take the sausages, prick them with a fork and then put them in the same pan of the friarielli. Cook the sausages with a little bit of water and some wine. Wait until all is evaporated and the sausages are cooked.

  • step 4

    Put the friarielli in the pan with sausages. Cook all together for 5 minutes then served.

Tips & variations

  • An alternative recipe to taste salsiccia and friarielli is with pasta. You can crumble sausages and mixed the friarielli to create a pesto sauce. Salsiccia and friarielli is also excellent as a topping for pizza or into a folded pizza (calzone)

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