Italian Truffles

Importance of Truffles in Italian Cuisine

The truffle so loved and renowned by the Italians, is a mushroom that grows underground, where it lives in symbiosis with the roots of some plants, such as oaks and holm oaks. There are many species of truffle, which can vary according to the area in which they grow, the type of soil, and the

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Cooking With Red Wine Ragu

The Art of Cooking with Wine

Cooking with wine is everything but unusual, especially in Italian cuisine. Many recipes will use it, however very few go above and beyond to explain the science behind it. Today we’re going to take a look at the ways you can use and be creative with wine in the kitchen. Let’s start with the basics…

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Apulian Cartellate

Origins Of Cartellate, An Apulian Dessert

Cartellate, also known in their dialectal version as cartiddhate, are typical Apulian Christmas sweets that can be tasted all year round, especially during Christmas. They are more typical of the Bari area but can be found as far as Salento. In Salento, these sweets are prepared together with another typical Christmas delicacy, the purceddhuzzi. The

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