Christmas Lasagna

Best Italian Christmas Dishes

The Italian culinary tradition varies from region to region. If in the north is obligatory the lunch of the 25th in the south is celebrated with the dinner of the eve. Tradition wants that the 24th is the day of lean; Meals are therefore based on fish and vegetables. What unites all the national territory

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Lovely young woman is having picnic on a wooden pier in the Venice

Discover the Best of Venetian Cuisine!

Venice, the city of canals, gondolas, and historic buildings, is also a true paradise for food lovers. Venetian cuisine is a mix of flavors from both land and sea, with dishes ranging from fresh fish to seasonal vegetables, rice, and polenta. In this article, we’ll explore some of the typical dishes of Venice and the

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cotechino e lenticchie

New Year’s Eve: Traditions At Table

There are many customs in Italy to celebrate New Year’s Eve even the table does not pull back the traditional dishes are also a wish to start the new year in the best way. The custom wants that the dinner of December 31 is based on fish, This is because being a rich dish could

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Autumn Products on Italian Tables

Autumn colors even the tables, not only the Italian landscapes. The foliage that can be admired in the mountain woods or among the hilly vineyards can also be found in the dishes, which take on those typical autumn nuances. Delicate flavors, with intense aromas that fill the kitchen, without ever tiring. There are many combinations

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Mollusks Of The Italian Tradition

Shellfishes are part of the Italian culinary tradition. In particular there are some species which become main ingredients of many local dishes. Mollusks are a product which acquires different shapes according to the class they belong to. The consumption of bivalve mollusks dates back to the Paleolithic era when the first human beings were eating

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Sardinian Culurgiones

History And Variants Of Sardinian Culurgiones

Culurgiones are a format of stuffed pasta typical of Sardinia. They are agnolotti characterized by a particular closure which seems almost an embroidery. The basic and traditional version has a filling made of potatoes, pecorino cheese and mint, but there are many versions. They are so deep-rooted at a local level, that they received the

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