Cappelletti Recipe

Top 5 Recipes From Emilia Romagna

The typical Emilian dishes are a real treat for the palate and are known all over the world for their unmistakable taste. Fresh pasta, cured meats and aged cheeses, in this corner of the Po Valley, gastronomy reaches exceptional levels.

For those planning a trip to Emilia Romagna, we prepared 5 of the best recipes and traditional dishes to taste in the numerous trattorias of the region.

1. Fried Gnocchi

The typical Emilian first course to taste is certainly the fried gnocco with salami. In actuality this specialty changes its name according to the province, in Parma for example it is called fried cake, but the base does not change. It is a dough made from flour, water, salt, milk and lard, fried and served with a generous plate of cold cuts and cheeses. Those with a sweet tooth can also enjoy it accompanied by lard.

2. Tortelli

Among the traditional first courses, tortelli stand out, widespread in all the provinces of Emilia. Tortelli usually have a square shape and can be filled with herbs and ricotta, pumpkin and amaretti biscuits, or potatoes. The peculiarity of this dish is the hand-rolled fresh pasta. In some provinces it is typical to eat them in the company of friends and relatives, during the night of San Giovanni, which falls on June 23rd.

Tortelli filled with pumpkin and Amaretti biscuits

3. Erbazzone

Typical of Reggio Emilia, the erbazzone is a savory pie made with boiled, minced chard and combined with eggs, onion and Parmigiano Reggiano. Erbazzone can also be enjoyed at breakfast and is perfect for a Sunday brunch menu, for those who love savory dishes.

Erbazzone Recipe

4. Anolini or cappelletti

Along with tortelli, one of the tastiest Emilian dishes is anolini, also called capelletti. It is always fresh pasta, preferably hand-rolled, with a filling of meat, bread and cheese. They can be tasted in broth, or accompanied by a sauce. Depending on the provinces, the shape also changes: in Reggio Emilia, in fact, they are usually very small and closed by pressing with the pinky fingers. In Parma, on the other hand, they have a round shape and are closed with the special knurled-shaped tool.

5. Biscione reggiano

Typical of the winter period, the Reggiano biscione is a dessert made with almonds, sugar, eggs and candied fruit, baked in the oven. It is so named for its typical snake shape and there are several regional variations across Italy.

These are just some of the typical dishes of Emilia, a region with an ancient and vast gastronomic tradition, recognized throughout the world.

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