Meat Broth

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Meat Broth Recipe
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The meat broth is one of the basic preparations of Italian Cuisine, a fundamental preparation in the kitchen, essential for numerous first courses, risottos and meat dishes.

Every respectable grandmother, mother or family keeps the secret for the perfect broth, always ready to use to prepare many winter dishes: Ravioli, Cappelletti, Tortellini, Passatelli or Risotto.

The broth if prepared at home has a completely different flavor, thanks to the use of genuine ingredients, the aromas that embellish it and a prolonged cooking in the recipes makes the difference. Preparing it at home is a real ritual.

It is simple but requires the right amount of time: for a good result the meat broth must be simmering as soon as it is cooked.

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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    Wash the meat and bones under running water. Clean the vegetables. Cut the carrot and the celery into small pieces, the onion in half. Collect them in a large saucepan together with the whole tomato.

  • Step 2

    Add the beef ribs, half chicken, bones and pulp in the pot. Cover with about 3 liters of cold water. Place on the heat and bring to a boil. Take out the foam using a skimmer and lower the heat. Simmer gently for about 3 hours, half-covered.

  • Step 3

    Strain the broth with a thick mesh strainer. To have a clearer broth you can filter a second time with a muslin. Salt it until it is still hot. Use it immediately or keep it for future use.

Tips & variations

  • The meat broth can be stored for 4-5 days in the refrigerator, tightly closed in an airtight container. You can also freeze it preferably already portioned for more practical use when you need it.

  • The meat and the bones in cooking release part of their fat and you will see on the surface an almost oily patina as soon as the broth is hot; the trick to removing this patina is to make the broth completely cool in the pot until this patina of fat solidifies and becomes almost whitish; at this point you can eliminate it by taking it with a skimmer.

  • For a broth of meat even more fragrant you can add some sprigs of parsley that will give fresh notes to the preparation. To avoid the meat broth being too savory it is essential to salt only at the end of the preparation so that you can taste its flavor.

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