Seafood Salad

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Seafood salad is a traditional Italian summer recipe, based on crustaceans and molluscs which are seasoned with oil, salt and lemon. There are many versions which add garlic or herbs to flavor the emulsion, however it is always tried to preserve the quality of the ingredients by exalting the flavors without altering the taste.

It seems this salad was born thanks to fishermen who, not knowing how to dispose of unsold fish, cooked this delicacy for them. At the time of Romans, this dish was served as appetizer in order to open the stomach for the big banquets.

Boiled mussels with lemon and parsley in a saucepan on a ceramic hob
Boiled mussels

Ingredients may vary according to the seasonal availability of the fish and according to the area where it is prepared. The Sicilian version includes the use of octopus and marinated anchovies, other regions prefer squids and shrimps.

The current version, as it is consumed today, dates back to the nineteenth century, when it became a dish also appreciated by entrepreneurs, who wanted to commercialize this poor recipe, but with great potentialities. It is of Naples, in particular of the Gulf of Sorrento, the most rooted tradition and also simple. Few ingredients, seasoned with balance to get the best flavors. Seafood salad is, at its heart, incredibly simple. The seafood should be fresh and tender, the dressing bright and flavorful. It should be served chilled.


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Step by step method

  • Step 1

    Cook the octopus for 30 minutes in salted water with lemon. Leave to cool without sudden changes in temperature

  • Step 2

    Cook squid in salted water with lemon for 15 minutes

  • Step 3

    Blanch shrimps for 2 minutes

  • Step 4

    Clean shrimps by removing entrails, head and shell

  • Step 5

    Combine arugula, olives and finely chopped celery, seasoning with oil and salt

  • Step 6

    Cut octopus and squid into small pieces and add shrimps to vegetable salad

  • Step 7

    Adjust salt, pepper and oil and finish with lemon juice

Tips & variations

  • You can add other raw vegetables such as carrots or zucchini or add mussels and clams as desired.

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