5 Favorite Summer Dishes

5 Favorite Summer Dishes of Italian People

Every year, when summer time arrives, they start searching for the most pleasing cold dishes to taste. The Mediterranean climate is not always clement and sometimes we tend to prefer something fresh, light and based on seasonal products.

Italian cooking always pays attention to the use of seasonal ingredients. This allows to consume foods rich in nutrients and properties useful to the body that could lose minerals and vitamins in hot weather.

The result is rich colorful and cheerful dishes, which just by sight tempt to taste. Italian vacations are also linked to the sea and to relaxation, so what could be better than a good cold dish to take to the beach?

In all this there is no lack of gastronomic tradition of the Belpaese that is part of every summer dish. So, let’s see what are the 5 favorite summer dishes of Italians.


From the North to the South of Italy, seafood salad is one of the Italians’ favorite cold dishes. As a rich appetizer or as a light main course, it is a great way to stay light, without sacrificing taste.

It is a versatile and customizable dish. In fact, it can be prepared with octopus, shrimps, squids, mussels and clams. To add flavor, you can add raw or lightly sautéed vegetables.

Season with salt, lemon and a good extra virgin olive oil and you have a fresh summer dish.


Caprese salad is a must for summer vacations. It is present in every menu of any place: from the kiosk on the beach, up to the most gourmet versions in starred restaurants. It is a dish that can satisfy everyone in its simplicity.

Very few ingredients, but of excellent quality, make it a winner. Fresh tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella seasoned with salt, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of basil, and that’s it.

A fresh dish that also represents the soul of Italy, reproducing the colors of the flag and concentrating the best products from north to south.


Puff pastry and brisè pastry are the perfect containers for fresh and tasty fillings, perfect for the summer period. A quick solution even in case you have guests for dinner.

It is a dish always impressive and also simple to prepare. The choice of filling leaves room for fantasy: vegetables, fish, meat or cheese, you can indulge yourself.

If in the North they prefer the version with rice and vegetables, in the South the seasoning becomes richer and they add the catch of the day.


A tasty alternative to the classic rice salad. A convenient and practical dish to carry around, during picnics or to bring to an office for lunch break.

This is also a very versatile dish and, after blanching and cooling the pasta, you can dress it as you like. Italians love it with pickles, cheese and a few cubes of ham.

Do not exclude the addition of olives, pesto or fresh vegetables. Also in this case: let your imagination run wild!


A nice piadina romagnola stuffed with prosciutto, arugula and squacquerone cheese is the most you can ask for in the summer heat.

It does not even require to be heated to preserve the flavor of the products, so it turns out to be an excellent choice. The tradition of piadina is very much felt in Emilia Romagna, but in the course of time it has spread all over the peninsula.

It will not be so rare to see in Sicily or in Tuscany, people walking with a piadina in their hands.


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