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9 Terrible Mistakes About Italian Cuisine In The World

Often, people go abroad to Italian restaurants convinced of receiving a family welcome, but sometimes the dishes served have nothing to do with our own ones.

In the worst cases, rice and pasta are used as a side dish, sometimes to accompany a steak. The “Alfredo Fettuccine” is famous in America, a dish that actually exists and was born in a Roman restaurant but never became part of the glorious Italian culinary tradition. The ranking of horrors continues with the “Caesar Salad”. The salad takes its name from its creator Cesare Cardini, but in Italy there is simply not the slightest trace of this recipe. Pasta is sometimes served with ketchup sachets – something that makes even the worst experimenters in the kitchen shiver. Not to mention the coffee and cappuccino! Both are sipped between meals and not after meals, as it should be done for coffee and during breakfast, as it should be for the cappuccino.

Such distortions do not honor the typical Italian Cuisine and food is not always fully appreciated by those who do not know it well. Here below the 9 terrible mistakes about Italian Cuisine in the world: 

  1. Drink Cappuccino during meals

  2. Use Risotto or Pasta as a side dish

  3. Put condiments into the pasta water

  4. Put the ketchup on the pasta

  5. Nobody makes Spaghetti alla Bolognese in Italy (Tagliatelle or Lasagna are seasoned with Bolognese Ragù!)

  6. Season the pasta with chicken

  7. The “Caesar Salad” is not an Italian dish

  8. The red and white checkered tablecloth is not typical of ItalY


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