Best Dishes In The Valtellina

Best Dishes In The Valtellina

The Valtellina is a valley in the Lombardian region, in northern Italy, bordering Switzerland. This scenic valley is a piece of paradise for everyone who loves skiing, hiking, relaxing in a hot spring, and eating some delicious local food.

Valtellina Landscape
Valtellina Landscape

Today we’re going to take a look at the 5 best dishes you can order around the Valtellina.

1- Pizzoccheri

Pizzoccheri are the dish that the Valtellina is most known for, and not trying them while being there would be a cardinal sin. They are a type of pasta, like tagliatelle, made from wheat and buckwheat flour. The buckwheat flour gives them the greyish color they are known for. This dish is garnished with potatoes, casera cheese, cabbage, butter garlic, and sage.

We’ve talked about their history in this article.

2- Sciatt

The sciatt are small and crunchy pancake balls, stuffed with melted casera cheese, often served on a bed of chicory. They are also made with a mixture of wheat and buckwheat flour.

They used to be a traditional dish in Teglio, however now, they are considered a tradition of the whole Valtellina

3- Cold cuts platter

You’d think that a cold cuts platter may be a simple dish, unsophisticated and lacking of any peculiar tradition. However, it is exactly the opposite. The Valtellina, and many mountainous regions around Italy, have some of the best cold cut meats and cheeses, with each one offering a great diversity of local produce. In the Valtellina you can expect to taste the best bresaola you ever had, along with walnuts, honey, and Grana Padano cheese. A mouthwatering combination.

4- Gnocchetti di Chiavenna

The gnocchetti di Chiavenna are a dish that is often known as pizzoccheri in some parts of the Valtellina. They are a type of gnocchi made with wheat flour and dry bread soaked in milk. They are prepared with potatoes and topped off with grated cheese.

5- Taroz

Taroz are a typical Valtellina dish, traditionally made with leftovers from the day before. It is a dish made of mashed potatoes, beans, green beans and dressed with butter and local cheese.

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