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5 Traditional Ligurian Recipes You Must Try

Ligurian cuisine is not only based on sea recipes, but it also undergoes the influence of the mountains which are the background of the beautiful landscapes of the region. A contamination that gives life to different dishes that can satisfy all tastes. Ligurian traditional recipes are born from poor ingredients, assembled and prepared with such

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focaccia di recco View Ingredients
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  • All pourpose flour: 400 gr (14,10 oz)
  • water: 210 gr (7,40 oz)
  • salt: 8 gr (0,28 oz)
  • Oil: 20 gr (0,70 oz)
  • Fresh cheese: 400 gr (14,10 oz)
  • oil: 20 gr (0,70 oz)
  • Calories: 332
  • Carbohydrates: 19,8
  • Fat: 20,4
  • Protein: 16,1

Focaccia Of Recco With Cheese

Focaccia di Recco with cheese is one of the most appreciated bakery products of northern Italy. Every year it attracts tourists…

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Pesto, History and Variants of Ligurian Sauce

Ligurian Pesto does not have roots as ancient as many other recipes of the Italian gastronomical tradition. It was in the half of the nineteenth century when we find it for the first time in the book of Giovanni Battista Ratto, a gastronome of that time, who mentions it in his work ‘La Cuciniera Genovese’.

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