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How to Correctly Scale Ingredients To Make a Perfect Dish?

There is nothing more frustrating than cooking a dish that turns out too small or too big. When it’s in excess, the meal gets wasted. However, there is an easy way to guarantee the perfect outcome every time: scaling ingredients correctly. The most important thing about scaling is making sure your measurements are in ratios rather than absolute amounts. How can you do that though? Keep reading to find out.

Get The Proper Equipment

Before correctly scaling the ingredients, it is important you already have the right equipment. You need a bowl or pan that can hold the quantity of food you are planning on making plus an extra 20%. Make sure to also have measuring spoons, cups, and jugs on hand for accurate measurement. It is only when you’ve gotten these that you can go on with scaling the ingredients.

Purchase Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are the best tool to correctly scale ingredients. Meet with a distributor of scales to find out what meets your need. They measure weight instead of volume, which allows you to get more accurate measurements. If you’re baking, a kitchen scale is an absolute must, but even when it comes to cooking, they can be very helpful.

Take note that not all kitchen scales have the same measurements so make sure to check what you are buying before buying it. It is also important that the scales have measurements smaller than 1/10 ounce, which makes them precise enough for scaling ingredients.

Using Scales To Scale The Ingredients

Scales work by measuring weight rather than volume so they can help you scale the ingredients just right. Weighing your ingredients also allows you to get a very accurate measurement every time. However, weighing the ingredients is not that simple when it comes to scaling. You can’t just weigh your ingredient in its container or bag and expect the weight to be the same when it’s in a bowl with other ingredients. The reason for this is that ingredients are porous, meaning they can be easily influenced by the surrounding environment.

To get an accurate measurement, you will have to use the tare function on your kitchen scale. The tare function gives you a weight reading that is equal to “0.” You can use this “0” weight for measuring the ingredients in their separate bowls or containers. This way, you are being sure that the bowl or container you are putting the ingredient in is not adding weight to it.

Follow these steps when using scales when scaling ingredients:

1) Place your empty bowl on top of your scale and press the tare function so it reads “0.”

2) Proceed with pouring the ingredient into the bowl until you reach the desired quantity. For example, if you want to make a dish that serves 3 people and the ingredient weighs 50g per person, you would need 150g of said ingredient. The tare function will help you get an accurate reading by subtracting the weight of your bowl from all other weights.

3) Once you have added all ingredients, check if the sum weight is equal to the desired amount. If it’s not, add or remove an ingredient accordingly.

4) Once you have added all ingredients and they equal the desired amount, use a spoon to mix them all up so they weigh equally.

What Quantity of Food You Want to Make

How do you scale correctly when you’re unsure of the amount of food you want to make? The first step is simple: do some research. Find out how many servings the dish you want to cook will give. When you have done this, you will be able to work out the correct ratios for your ingredients. Remember, a 20% increase or decrease should be added or subtracted from each one to maintain the ratio.

A Plate of Pennette Pasta On A Digital Scale
A Plate of Pennette Pasta On A Digital Scale

Exploring Ratios

Ratios are an important part of cooking, but what does it really mean? To put it simply, a combination of specific amounts of ingredients will give you the same result every time. For example, for a rich chocolate cake, you need 1 part sugar to 2 parts flour and 1 part cocoa powder. This holds true regardless of how big or small your portions are.

The ratios for this particular cake are accurate down to the gram so that every single piece will be just as good. Understanding ratios when cooking will ensure perfectly sized servings every time.

Have a Cookbook To Guide You When Making a Dish

Having a good cookbook is beneficial when you are scaling, especially if the recipe comes with clear instructions on how much of each ingredient to use. A well-written recipe will tell you exactly what quantity of ingredients to use, making it easier for you to scale correctly.

However, having a perfectly written recipe doesn’t mean the ratios will be absolutely exact for each and every person. It’s likely that you will have to make some adjustments if someone has a strong preference for saltiness, sweetness, or spiciness in their dishes.

Food is an art form that takes years of practice to perfect, so don’t get discouraged when your very first dish doesn’t turn out quite right. The key to cooking well is trial and error, so keep practicing until you get it just right. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of food to find the one that best suits your tastes. Cooking is fun, but you won’t enjoy it if you don’t like what you’re eating.



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