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5 Best Foods You Need To Try In Rome

The typical Roman cuisine is one of the tastiest and most ancient of the peninsula. At the base of the traditional recipes, there are many local products of rural and peasant origin.

Many of the ingredients of Roman culinary specialties are vegetable and animal products whose processing dates back to past centuries.

If you are planning a trip to the Italian capital and are looking to try typical dishes of the area, we will give you some advice!

Roman cuisine is characterized by preparations handed down from generation to generation, with recipes typical of ancient festivities. Furthermore, the culinary tradition of the area features numerous nutrients and dishes rich in fats, proteins, and more.

The dishes of Roman culture had the aim of supporting those who worked in the fields all day and needed energy obtained from a maximum of two meals during the day.

So, without further ado, let’s take a peek at what you can savor in Rome!


1- Carbonara

The dish that best represents Roman tradition and cuisine is certainly the carbonara.

This dish is one of the tastiest in the world and certainly one of the staples of Italian cuisine, which is why it is also reinterpreted abroad.

The origin of this dish dates back to 1944, in an ancient Roman trattoria located in “Vicolo della Scrofa”.

An old legend tells that the union of different ingredients supplied by American soldiers led to the creation of this dish, created with eggs, bacon, and cheese. There are numerous theories about its birth, but what is certain is that today it is one of the most appreciated dishes by Italians and people abroad.

2- Pasta alla Gricia

Another typical Roman first course is Pasta alla Gricia. Perhaps lesser known than carbonara, this dish is considered the ancestor of the matriciana. This dish is also very caloric and its ingredients are produced by Lazio shepherds.

At the base of this first course are rigatoni, guanciale, pecorino romano, and salt.

3- Abbacchio Romano

The Roman Abbacchio is certainly one of the best-known typical dishes of Rome. This ingredient is the protagonist of many recipes with strong or delicate flavors.

The lamb can be defined as a lamb slaughtered very young, in order to obtain very tender and pinkish meat. It is one of the most genuine and traditional products of the capital Rome as well as of the region and is used in the classic recipe as an accompaniment to diced potatoes and is often cooked with scottadito.

4- Trippa

The original recipe calls for the use of tripe, pecorino romano, bacon, celery, carrots and onions, white wine, tomato pulp, mint, black pepper, and garlic.

It is one of the most complex dishes of the Roman tradition, especially for the cleaning phase of the tripe, which determines the flavor of the dish.

5- Supplì

Supplì is one of the traditional Roman recipes. Used as an appetizer or as a first course, this preparation is not complex but very tasty and full of aromas. At the base of the supplì, there is rice like the one in arancini, but inside there are ragù and mozzarella. Once composed, the supplì are dipped in egg, dipped in breadcrumbs, and ultimately fried.

Supplì Fried Rice Balls
Supplì Fried Rice Balls

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