Christmas Lasagna

Best Italian Christmas Dishes

The Italian culinary tradition varies from region to region. If in the north is obligatory the lunch of the 25th in the south is celebrated with the dinner of the eve. Tradition wants that the 24th is the day of lean; Meals are therefore based on fish and vegetables. What unites all the national territory is the presence of dried fruit and cakes with leavened dough. Tables are laid for many days, so much so that some products are kept until the month of February. An example of this is the Panettone which, according to Milanese tradition, is eaten on February 3rd, the day of Saint Blaise; a popular legend which, according to grandparents, guarantees the well-being of the throat and protection against the flu for the rest of the winter.

 Passatelli in broth


 Passatelli are a format of fresh pasta typical of the emilian tradition. A dough made of breadcrumbs, cheese, eggs and nutmeg is shaped according to the traditional form with the special tool. A product rich in taste that is sweetened in a tasty but at the same time delicate broth. There are also versions based on fish sauce but the tradition is only in broth.

Baked lasagna

Another dish of the Emilian tradition that never fails on the tables of Italians during the holiday season. Is not Christmas without lasagna. Is a dish that leaves room for fantasy from the classic ragout you go to the most special maybe based on pumpkin, radicchio or other seasonal products. A rich recipe Always handed down from family to family.

Roast lamb

Baked Lamba Potatoes Oven
Baked Lamba Potatoes Oven

 A second course of the feast, typical of central and southern Italy, but in recent years is enjoying success in the north. A tasty meat that does not need much processing if not those of a slow cooking. Few flavors and spices to enhance what is a wild flavor. Usually accompanied by baked potatoes can be enriched with more imaginative side dishes. The touch of class is a small addition of Myrtle in cooking.

 Mixed boiled meats

A recipe of the Piedmontese and Lombard tradition that is never missing during the winter period. At Christmas time it represents the union of the family, the meeting under the same roof to share what I have a dish born poor but that over time has been able to been on the tables throughout Italy. Accompanied by a green sauce or typical local mustards such as Cremona, Mantua or Voghera is a dish that satisfies everyone for the variety of meat it contains.

Mixed Boiled Meat
Mixed Boiled Meat

 Apple strudel

Apple Strudel Recipe
Apple Strudel Recipe

 Not only panettone and pandoro conclude the rich lunches of the italian Christmas tradition. Originally from Trentino Alto Adige, the apple strudel has become a characteristic dessert throughout the peninsula. A few simple ingredients enclosed in a sheet of crispy pastry are accompanied by an ice cream or a sweet sauce to celebrate Christmas together.


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