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Discover the Best of Venetian Cuisine!

Venice, the city of canals, gondolas, and historic buildings, is also a true paradise for food lovers. Venetian cuisine is a mix of flavors from both land and sea, with dishes ranging from fresh fish to seasonal vegetables, rice, and polenta. In this article, we’ll explore some of the typical dishes of Venice and the best places to taste them.

Fish is certainly one of the main ingredients of Venetian cuisine, and one of the most famous dishes is “Risotto al nero di seppia” (Risotto with squid ink), a delicacy made with rice, cuttlefish, and their ink. This dish is offered in many restaurants in the city, but one of the most famous places to taste it is “Da Fiore,” a Michelin-starred restaurant that offers refined and innovative cuisine.

Black risotto with squid ink
Black Risotto With Squid Ink

Another popular fish-based dish in Venice is the “Frittura mista (mixed fry), a combination of fried fish and shellfish served in a bowl with a splash of lemon. An excellent place to enjoy frittura mista is “Cantine del Vino già Schiavi,” a restaurant that is very popular with locals for its authentic atmosphere and extensive selection of wines.

For vegetarians, the dish to try is undoubtedly Polenta e funghi” (polenta with mushrooms), a delicacy made with homemade polenta and fresh porcini mushrooms. The best place to taste polenta e funghi is “Trattoria da Romano,” a restaurant famous for its traditional cuisine and rustic atmosphere.

Finally, we cannot talk about Venetian food without mentioning “Ciccheti”, the Venetian equivalent of Spanish tapas. Ciccheti are small bites of food served in bacari, traditional Venetian taverns, along with a glass of wine. Cicheti can be based on fish, meat, or vegetables, and among the most popular are “sarde in saor,” “polpette di carne,” and “crostini con baccalà mantecato.” One of the best bacari in Venice is “Alla Vedova,” where you can taste the most authentic ciccheti in the city.

Chiccetti Venice
Chiccetti Venice

In conclusion, Venetian cuisine is a culinary experience not to be missed during a visit to Venice. From fish specialties to vegetarian delicacies, the dishes of Venetian cuisine are a mix of flavors, colors, and traditions that satisfy all tastes.

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