Best 5 Pizzerias in Naples

The Best Historical Pizzerias in Naples

If you visit Naples you must eat the authentic Neapolitan Pizza. UNESCO has inscribed the “Art of Neapolitan Pizzaiuolo” in 2017 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

All that is related to the making of authentic Neapolitan Pizza, from the art of handling the dough to the movements that are carried out until the product is cooked, is part of a culinary tradition rooted in the daily life of Neapolitan culture.

In fact, in Naples, everyone has his Pizzaiolo of reference and his favorite Pizzeria. And since we are talking about a handmade product, this will never be always the same.

And here are the Neapolitan Pizzerias most historical and famous, where you can eat the best authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza Naples
Pizza Margherita


Antica Pizzeria Da Michele dal 1870

The Condurro family has continued the tradition of the founder Michele of Antica Pizzeria da Michele dal 1870 for five generations. The main ingredients of the tradition used here are now the same for 100 years: wheat flour type “00”, peeled tomatoes “San Marzano”, Agerola mozzarella, oil, water, yeast, sea salt, basil, oregano and garlic. 

Address: Via Cesare Sersale 1- 80139 – Naples

Phone: +39 (Don’t accept reservation)

Antica Pizzeria da Michele Napoli
Antica Pizzeria da Michele since 1870 Naples


Pizzeria Di Matteo

Salvatore Di Matteo founded Pizzeria di Matteo in 1936. What makes this pizzeria famous, in addition to the goodness of the pizza, is the affability with which the staff welcome customers who flock to the restaurant and who gladly return. It is arranged on two levels and among the specialties we find, in addition to the excellent and tasty pizzas, fried pizzas, rice balls and potato croquettes.

Address: Via dei Tribunali 94 – 80138 – Naples

Phone: +39

Pizzeria di Matteo Napoli
Pizzeria di Matteo Naples


Pizzeria Dal Presidente

The name of the Pizzeria Dal Presidente is given by the famous visit of President Clinton, who went to the Pizzeria di Matteo to taste the excellent Neapolitan pizza. A few years later the same Pizzaiuolo (pizza maker) opened a pizzeria of his own called The President. The specialties are varied and all very tasty: from the simple Marinara to the “Lasagna” (mozzarella, tomato, ham, ricotta, cheese, basil), from the Carrettiere (mozzarella, friarielli, sausages, cheese) to the “Tarantina” (tomato, olives, anchovies, capers, garlic, oregano, basil). All pizzas prepared with traditional ingredients and wisely joined together. In 2018 the Pizzeria dal Presidente has been awarded as Excellence of Campania. 

Address: Via dei Tribunali 120 – 80138 – Naples

Phone: +39

Pizzeria del Presidente Napoli
Pizzeria del Presidente Naples


Pizzeria Starita

Since 1901. In 1954 the historic Pizzeria Starita offered support for the filming of the episode “The Gold of Naples” which sees the beautiful Sophia Loren wearing the clothes of an adulterous pizza maker. Over the years his fame has grown more and more so that in 2000 he received awards from the Pope from the Vatican. This pizzeria is a real institution.

Address: Via Materdei 27 – 80136 – Naples

Phone: +39


Pizzeria Brandi

Pizzeria Brandi was founded in 1780 with the original name of “Pietro … e basta così (Pietro…and that’s it!)”. It’s known worldwide for being the birthplace of Margherita Pizza. So, besides the classic margherita pizza, we suggest you try one of the pizzas dedicated to men and women that have made Napoli great… like “Donna Sofia” pizza, dedicated to Sophia Loren, prepared with whitebait, tomato and oregano.

Address: Salita di San’t Anna Di Palazzo, 2 – 80132 – Naples

Phone: +39


Pizzeria Sorbillo

Since 1934. The success of the Pizzeria Sorbillo , known throughout Naples, is given by two important elements: high quality of the raw materials and great mastery of execution.

Address: Via Dei Tribunali 32 – 80138 – Naples

Phone: +39

Pizzeria Sorbillo Napoli
Pizzeria Sorbillo Naples

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