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Top Tasty Recipes With Honey That Will Satisfy Every Foodie

Humans are very weird creatures if you think about it even for a few seconds. For example, how did we start eating some foods that are a staple now? What did people think when they started drinking cow’s milk? What was on our ancestors’ minds when they saw an egg and started eating it? How were they able to cultivate plants so early on and be so successful at such a hard job?

It gets even weirder with honey because bees can be pretty dangerous when compared to vegetables. The most plausible way they started to eat honey was when they stumbled upon an abandoned honeycomb. The sweetest things they were able to eat were fruits, which were not as sweet as they are now. The taste of honey they had then, was mesmerizing, as it is still up to this day. Here are some recipes with honey that are bound to get you falling in love with it.

Different kinds of honey

Everyone knows that honey tastes sweet, but there are many more undertones to that flavor. The main difference in flavor comes from tannins, depending on the trees where a honeycomb is. Honey that is sourced from Victorian hives will have a different flavor than honey that is found elsewhere. The tannins in different kinds of honey can give them really unique flavors besides the regular sweet taste. Depending on the color of the honey, it will have different tannins in it and thus flavor.

Ricotta and honey toast

This honey recipe is so simple yet so remarkable. At a first glance, mixing cheese and honey may not sound like a pleasant thing. You will be surprised to see what a nice combination this is once it is in your mouth. Add some lemon zest and juice with sugar to whipped ricotta. Mix well, so the texture stays fluffy, so it can contrast the texture of toast. Toast the bread with some olive oil in an oven and spread the fluffy ricotta. Drizzle some honey on top of this wonderful dish and there it is, simple as that.

Ricotta Cheese With Honey
Ricotta Cheese With Honey

Caponata Siciliana di Agrigento

Dishes that utilize a sort of sweet and sour sauce have been on the rise for the last couple of decades. This mix that is usually associated with Asian cuisine can also be found in many other cuisines, like Italian. Caponata is one of the dishes where you can get a perfect sweet and sour taste with some veggies and honey. It is usually served as a side dish, but you just can not get enough of it. 

Caponata Siciliana
Caponata Siciliana

To make it, just follow a Caponata recipe where you replace sugar with honey along with some pine nuts or almonds. The main ingredients include eggplant, white onion, celery, and coppery tomatoes. No Italian dish can not be cooked without olive oil, olives, and basil. For the sweet side of this dish, just mix some vinegar, tomato paste, and honey. You will add the sauce to the veggies while they are cooking, and it will blend in perfectly. Such an impactful dish with the benefit of also being vegetarian and simple.

Baci di Alassio

This dish is a popular take on the more popular recipe Baci di Dama. The recipes are almost identical, with a few changes that include adding honey that is absent in Baci di Dama. You will start off with toasting some hazelnuts and blending them. Once you have this powder, mix some cocoa powder and sugar. Add this powdery mixture to beaten egg whites with a pinch of salt. Gently, little by little, add some honey while mixing the powder with egg whites.

Pour this mixture into a smaller tray to make the beds where you need to layer chocolate cream. Cook the mixture in an oven and while it is hot, add the chocolate cream between the two beds. Wipe off any excess cream and store these delicious treats in the fridge before serving. This is a perfect and simple dessert where you will see how much honey is superior to just plain sugar.

These are just some of the top tasty recipes where honey is a game-changer. These recipes were picked for the reason of their simplicity and direct impact. There are not so many ingredients in these recipes, and you can really taste the honey. 

By experimenting a bit with other types of honey and other ingredients, you can make these recipes even better. Do not be afraid of playing a bit with the ingredients and the amounts that you use. Even if it does not turn out well, it happens even to the best of chefs. The important thing is to have some fun while testing these recipes.


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