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4 Reasons Why Italian Pizza Has A Unique Flavor

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines around the world for many reasons. There’s no doubt that, given the exquisite taste of their food, Italians truly cook with love and passion. This is clearly tasted in their dishes.

One of the best gifts that Italy has granted to the world is the amazing pizza. It’s so delicious that it has spread worldwide, and it’s one of many people’s favorite foods. Each culture has added its own touch to pizza, but the original one still stands out as the most delectable of all.

There are many reasons why Italian pizza has a unique flavor, but these 4 reasons are some of the most significant reasons why the original pizza is and always will be the most delicious plate ever.

1.They Add the Best Herbs to the Sauce

One of the main reasons Italian pizza tastes like no other is the special herbs they add to the natural tomato sauce they make. Some of the herbs they use are oregano, thyme, and basil. These herbs add a wonderful taste, plus using tomatoes to make the sauce and not ready-made paste makes it all the more appetizing.

2.The Thin, Perfectly Made Dough

The Italian pizza crust is thin but perfectly balanced. It’s not too crunchy and made with wheat flour and olive oil. Sometimes they may add herbs to the dough as well as the sauce. Many people don’t know this, but there’s a chance they may have never tried Italian pizza, even if they’ve eaten pizza a hundred times. 

Many of the most popular pizza places make delicious pizza, of course, but it’s usually quite different from the original. If you want to try out what you’re missing, check out restaurant reviews before you make your order. You’ll most probably find Italian pizza at small places or restaurants you haven’t tried before. 

It’s a great idea to try out the smaller places that make authentic recipes. Customer reviews may surprise you with how amazing a place is. Many people have written great reviews about the pizza they ate at London Pizza Depot, stating their utmost satisfaction with their pizza. It’s also a great way to give a chance to chefs who cook food with passion, and you most probably won’t find them at the popular places with big names.

3. Italian Pizza Has So Much Cheese on Top

There is no such thing as too much cheese, and if you love pizza, then you must love how much the cheese stretches when you cut and eat each slice. Italians love adding a lot of mozzarella cheese on top of their pizza, and sometimes they may add different cheese types for a richer taste.

Neapolitan Pizza With Yellow Tomato
Neapolitan Pizza With Yellow Tomato

4. It’s Actually Healthy Pizza

Italians add fresh vegetables to the topping and, as previously mentioned, make their own tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes. They also use olive oil to make their pizza, which has wonderful health benefits, and it’s amazingly delicious. 

Everything about authentic Italian pizza is just perfect. Besides being heavenly delicious, it’s also much healthier than popular pizzas. You obviously still need to be careful not to eat too much of it, because it’s still made of dough, and cheese has a lot of fat. Give your taste buds a beautiful treat from time to time and indulge them with authentic Italian pizza.

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